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Sweet Endings for 2020

Every great buffet features an irresistible dessert bar!

HairToStay is partnering with SF’s own Charles Chocolates in order to help more low income cancer patients afford the scalp cooling treatments that can prevent chemo-induced hair loss.

Impact of Scalp Cooling

Recipients Reported a Positive Impact on the Following:

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Sense of Well-Being

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Privacy or Control

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Desire to be More Social

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Career Overall

Why Support HairToStay?

HairToStay is the first and only national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients afford scalp cooling, a treatment that can dramatically reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss. As well as subsidizing the treatment, HairToStay helps to raise awareness and offer information and support to patients considering the use of scalp cooling to keep their hair during chemotherapy.

HairToStay writes checks up to $1,500 directly to patients who meet our eligibility criteria. To date, HairToStay has awarded over 2,200 subsidies to patients who are using scalp cooling to save their hair.

“Being able to keep my hair helped me feel more normal during a time when everything is upside down. I could look in the mirror and see someone who was determined and resilient, and not someone who was sick. Without HairToStay, I don’t think I’d have my hair today.”