Brands & Distributors

HairToStay partners with some of the leading haircare brands and distributors to raise both funds and awareness for scalp cooling subsidies. We have developed a list of the most effective ways to partner based on our current partnerships. 

Our partnerships are as unique as our partners, with several ways to participate:

We work with each partner to tailor a program that works best with your organization.

Who we work with

Haircare Partners

Our haircare partners include brands, distributors and salons across the country to support our mission through fundraising and awareness campaigns.

amika supports HairToStay by contributing 1% of all e-commerce on an ongoing basis, releasing a specially packaged, limited edition product each fall with proceeds going to HairToStay, collecting donations at checkout on their website, and recruits salons for fundraising. amika also provides additional marketing support through their social media, digital and print channels.

JCPenney supports HairToStay through in-store donations and salon fundraising. They also engage in other fundraising like contributing from salon activity funds and seasonal campaigns.

Vish is supporting HairToStay by collecting donations and raising awareness through social media campaigns and various other marketing activities.

Kevin.Murphy is supporting HairToStay with a limited edition product with proceeds going to HairToStay, and collecting donations from customers at checkout on their e-commerce platform.

Perfect Look Hair Salons supports HairToStay through salon fundraising across their 80+ locations in multiple states, providing gift cards to guests in exchange for donations to HairToStay.

BosleyMD is supporting HairToStay collecting donations from customers via its website. BosleyMD is also donating a percentage of sales from a HairToStay limited product.

Babe Hair Extensions is supporting HairToStay by providing financial support through direct donations, soliciting donations from guests through a fundraising page, and a campaign featuring different color extensions for each month with a portion going to HairToStay.

Colorproof is supporting HairToStay by donating 20% of their Thicken Collection sales on for the month of October. Colorproof also provides social media and digital marketing support to drive awareness and fundraising efforts.

Kerastase provides in-kind donations of products to support HairToStay's fundraising events.

Living Proof provides in-kind donations of products to support HairToStay's fundraising events.

Ethica Beauty contributes a percentage of revenue from a campaign in the fall, and products for events.

Lilash provides in-kind donations of products to support HairToStay's fundraising events.

HairToStay offers brands & distributors a unique opportunity to: