The Haircare Industry is helping end 'chemo cuts'

Haircare professionals, manufacturers and distributors across the country partner with HairToStay to raise funds for our subsidy program, and heighten awareness about scalp cooling so that stylists never have to do another 'chemo cut'.

How we partner with the haircare industry

Brands & Distributors

We partner with some of the biggest brands and distributors in the country, each providing financial and marketing support for HairToStay.

How we partner

Donate a % of sales over time, Create a limited edition product with proceeds going to HairToStay, Recruit partner salons, Solicit donations from customers


We partner with hundreds of salons across the country who fundraise on behalf of HairToStay. Salons help raise funds & awareness for scalp cooling.

How we partner

Join our HairToStay 1000 Club campaign by pledging to raise at least $1,000 over the course of the year to sponsor a patient's treatment


We partner with the leading salon & spa software companies around the world, contributing financially and by making fundraising accessible too salons.

How we partner

Donate the salon referral fee to HTS, add Donation button to salon & spa checkout, provide incentives/matching for salon fundraising.

Join the fight to…
put an end to chemo cuts!

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