Insurance Information

Public and private insurance companies are starting to cover scalp cooling. The process of getting coverage from your insurance varies depending on the scalp cooling supplier you are using. The suppliers have developed step-by-step guidance and forms to help increase your chances of getting covered. Please click on the link below that corresponds with your scalp cooling supplier.

HairToStay Insurance Process

Our mission is to increase access to scalp cooling treatment, and we will support eligible applicants as they go through the process of exploring coverage. We have developed new processes to ensure that applicants have the best possible outcomes for reimbursement.

If you are being billed by a scalp cooling supplier

If you are being billed by a medical facility

If you are being billed by a medical facility, there are two possible scenarios: (1) they may bill your insurance on your behalf, or (2) they may bill you directly and you will need to seek insurance reimbursement on your own.

If the medical facility is billing your insurance:

If the medical facility is not billing your insurance: