Patient Information

In addition to providing treatment subsidies, HairToStay is available to provide information to patients who are considering the use of scalp cooling, as well as some guidance and support during the treatment process.

Possible Insurance Coverage

On occasion, patients have been able to get their insurance companies to cover some of their scalp cooling treatment cost. If you can get a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis,” you may have a chance to receive some insurance coverage for your scalp cooling treatment.

As of 1/1/2022 Medicare is covering scalp cooling and paying a one-time benefit of $1850— Medicaid is sure to follow. Private insurance companies are starting to cover some scalp cooling treatment cost. The current Medicare code being used is 0662T.

We are asking applicants to apply for insurance coverage while going through the application process for our subsidy. Learn more on our APPLY FOR SUBSIDY page.


There have been no actual clinical studies done – to our knowledge – about haircare during use of Scalp Cooling. However, the following suggestions have been handed down from patients and scalp cooling suppliers over the past few years:

Things to Bring with You to Your Chemotherapy Infusion

* Only for manual cold caps

Other Suggestions

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